Tuesday, 23 July 2013

pants: primark top: h&m divided

Hey there! Above you can see a snapshot of what I wore today. I kept it really simple, with no accessoires, barely any make up and glasses, and I finally got to wear my primark pants - love them!
I have a slightly more exciting outfit coming up for tomorrow - I'm still trying to keep it simple for work, hence the italian version of "exciting", and I'll try to catch my brother to take some proper outfit pictures!
Weirdly enough, I'm actually partly really enjoying working! Apart from getting up early, everything is nice and relaxed, with the opportunity to make coffee whenever I want to (must..resist..urge to drink 3 cups a day) and my own laptop (yes, I feel important for getting a work laptop, okay) where I can sneakily go read some blogs or check up on Facebook from time to time, when I'm done with my tasks. I actually think that I'm working too fast for my boss (who's a very young woman, so it's quite fun to work in the same office as her) haha!
Enough of the blabbering now, I'll prepare another post really quickly and them I'm off to bed! xo


  1. LOVE those pantas even though you can't see them fully :) weren't you too warm, though? i think you look prettier with your hair up! btw, you must be happy to be able to wear trousers other than dr denims,right?

    1. thanks and yes i was pretty warm, but i'm even too warm in shorts or skirts, so :)
      yes i'm very very happy to be able to wear other pants! these aren't the right kind of tight around the ankles that i want, but i would only wear them folded up a bit anyways, so it's fine!

  2. Nice picture !

  3. very cute simple outfit, and yes your work sounds really good. :)


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