Bal du BAC

Monday, 8 July 2013

 Lisa, Zora, Kate and me

 The boyfriend and me
 Kate, Lena and Anna
 Me, Isabel and Sarah
 Kate, me, Anna and Sarah
 Sarah and me (we're going to Uni together in September!)
 Caren and Anne
 Jo and me
 Sarah, boyfriend, Isabel
 Lena, me and Laura
 Boyfriend and David
 Philippa (yes, she has the perfect genes)
 Sarah, Isabel and Lena
Laura and Sarah

The Bal du BAC was tons of fun, with good food, too much champagne and wine and constant picture taking! The Bal was held in a Casino, so I even went in the Casino once and I felt sooo old, haha! It also felt like I was in a James Bond movie a bit, hehehe. There was also a professional photographer who took lots of pictures of us, but we'll only get to see them mid July, so I'll post some of them then!


  1. You are SO lucky! I wish I were going to the same uni as one of my close friends

  2. Late congratulations on your graduation!
    I also graduated high school few weeks ago. Life is only starting now! :)
    You look like princess with that gorgeous dress! :)


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