Wednesday, 31 July 2013

 My mum brought me this beautiful belt when she came back from her 3 day trip to Paris with my brother - love it!
 I felt like such a hipster when wearing this, haha!
 I made carrot-nut-muffins with a healthier version of cream cheese frosting, mmh
I asked my mum to order these books for me and got them yesterday. I'm already more than halfway through Wonder (within 24hours oops) and I love it, can't wait to read the other ones

Hey there! Sorry for my absence, but since it took me so long to edit the pictures of my last post on my dad's laptop, I felt quite unmotivated to post. Luckily, my friend fixed my laptop (you can not imagine how happy this makes me), so I'm back to normal and more regular posting. I have two days of work left and then I'm off to London for a week, where I'll take my laptop with me - I hope I'll have internet at the hotel!

On another note: my midi skirts arrived today, yay! I'm probably going to wear one of them tomorrow, but I don't know if I'll get the chance to snap outfit pictures with it, I'll try though.


Sunday, 28 July 2013

jumpsuit: primark necklace: h&m flats: forever21

After spending what felt like ages looking for a website where I could edit my pictures before posting them on the blog, (I'm using my dadad's laptop at the moment, meaning I can't download any editing programs) I finally found a good and fast website! 
As I said yesterday, I went out with a couple of friends and this is what I wore. The jumpsuit was bought 2 years ago and it easily is my most worn piece of clothing! I love how it looks flowy and summer, like a dress, but it doesn't fly away as soon as there's some wind. Wearing these shoes for the first time on a night out was probably the biggest mistake I've ever made, since I got the worst blisters in history. (Literally, my feet started bleeding after walking for less than 10 minutes) Stupid me didn't think of the possibility to actually bring other shoes and leave them in the car, tss.. Even though I had to stay sober, I had quite some fun and danced like I was back in Barcelona! (Wow, don't I sound like an alcoholic.....)
I spent my Sunday in pyjamas up until now, when I decided to finally get up and put on some clothes. The rest of the day will be spent watching House, reading and finishing off what I baked. (More on that in another post) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

PS: A German blogger is looking for blogs to pretend on her blog, so if you're interested, click here!

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

all pictures are from my tumblr

I'll go out with a couple of friends for a bit tonight, I'll try to put together a nice outfit and snap some pictures of it for the blog! Have anice Saturday night xo

Friday, 26 July 2013

Kate and me with our huge glass of Sangria back in Barcelona

Hey guys! Unfortunately, my laptop decided to annoy me yesterday and its screen just turned white and stayed that way when I turned it on. I can somehow turn it on and "use" it, but the graphics are all messed up and everything.. a friend is going to take a look at it, but until then, I can only try and update from my dad's computer (currently updating from work, using my work laptop, naughty girl hehe) and hope that mine will be working again soon. If any of you have tips on how to fix my problem, please do let me know!


Thursday, 25 July 2013

all pictures were found through google

Yes, I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon of midi dresses and skirts too. As some of you may have noticed, I recently purchased my first midi dress when I was in Barcelona (go look at my shopping post here) and I just can't stop looking at other dresses and skirts in that style! I was planning to buy tight midi skirts too while I was in Spain, but couldn't find any - luckily, I just found two on Boohoo today and ordered them for only 9€ each! When it comes to dresses, I prefer the tight ones, since I think that it's not very easy to wear a flowy dress that goes until under your knee, since you can easily look like you stole your mum's way too big dress. Tight midi dresses on the other hand are something I absolutely love. They go from chic, elegant and sexy, when worn with heels, to easy and casual when worn with flats. Regarding the skirts, I like both versions and I've been wanting a flowy midi skirt for over a year now but I somehow completly forgot to look over the flowy skirt selection from Boohoo earlier. Maybe that's not too bad though, I should stop spending all my money before going to London!

What do you think about midi dresses and skirts? Do you like them?

When you go, please don't leave your love in the sun, my heart will melt away

shorts, shoes, bag: h&m tshirt: everything5pounds sunglasses: / necklace: my mum's

So here's my exciting outfit post I promised! Even though I've only had these shorts for about two weeks, they're already one of my favourite things to wear. They're so light, which makes them perfect for hot weather like it was in Barcelona, or even for the incredible heatwave we're having in Luxembourg right now. I love that I can wear them to the beach, during the day, to work or even on a night out! The can spice up and outfit but their cut still looks easy and classy. Okay, enough talking about my shorts. I hope everything is going well with you all! When you're reading this, I'm already getting closer to my weekend, which means that it's only a week and a little more until I leave to London, yay! The only thing I'm dreading is the packing, uh-ohh..
I'll be back soon, TTYL xo


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

 left: "how to drink really bad wine" right: breezer looove! I drank it 24/7 in Barcelona, especially the watermelon flavoured one - yum!
 left: so in love with my bralet from Topshop right: Sarah and my ice cream (Coconut and Kinder Bueno for her, Kinder Schokolade and After Eight for me)
 left: can't wait to drink this again when I'm moving to the UK! Soooo delicious right: flight readings
 left: at work, organising, sorting out, classifying files.. call me a freak but I love doing that kind of stuff! right: finished reading "The fault in out stars". I did like it, but I expected it to be a tiny bit better, but I did cry like a baby at the end!
left: yesterday's lunch - for 7€! right: second cup of coffee & magazine break at work


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

pants: primark top: h&m divided

Hey there! Above you can see a snapshot of what I wore today. I kept it really simple, with no accessoires, barely any make up and glasses, and I finally got to wear my primark pants - love them!
I have a slightly more exciting outfit coming up for tomorrow - I'm still trying to keep it simple for work, hence the italian version of "exciting", and I'll try to catch my brother to take some proper outfit pictures!
Weirdly enough, I'm actually partly really enjoying working! Apart from getting up early, everything is nice and relaxed, with the opportunity to make coffee whenever I want to (must..resist..urge to drink 3 cups a day) and my own laptop (yes, I feel important for getting a work laptop, okay) where I can sneakily go read some blogs or check up on Facebook from time to time, when I'm done with my tasks. I actually think that I'm working too fast for my boss (who's a very young woman, so it's quite fun to work in the same office as her) haha!
Enough of the blabbering now, I'll prepare another post really quickly and them I'm off to bed! xo

Last Barcelona Photos

Sunday, 21 July 2013

 Sarah and her supercute watermelon bag
 One day, we had sushi for lunch and even though they were really good, I still shared a portion of noodles afterwards, I just didn't get full of them haha
 Getting ready to go out - this picture always makes me laugh!
 Absolute poser picture, but I love the lighting here, we both look tanned and our lipsticks really stick out
Sarah's outfit I really liked - how great is that pink crochet top?!

Here are a couple of pictures from Barcelona that I didn't post and this will also be the last post with pictures from our trip.
I'm starting work tomorrow and even though I really want to take outfit pictures, I don't know if there'll be much use in it, since it's 30 degrees outside but I don't know if I can run around in shorts all day.. I'll have to see!


Friday, 19 July 2013

When we went to the museum the other day, we randomly started taking weird pictures and here are some of them, haha!

I arrived in Luxembourg around 2PM today and it feels so odd to be sitting in my room, I feel like the past week has been a dream.. Luckily, the weather here is almost as good as it was in Spain, but I only get to enjoy my holidays for two more days since I'm starting to work for 2 weeks on Monday!
I'll try to be back with an outfit post ASAP xo


Thursday, 18 July 2013

So as I already mentioned in the previous post, we went to the Museum of Modern Art yesterday. I really liked it there, there some really interesting and cool things to look at. In one setion of the museum, you could listen to all kinds of funny, weird, good music, from Jazz to Yoko Ono. We spent most of our stay in that area, since they also had copies of old magazines or scripts there, I loved it!
Today, we slept in, had brunch and spent our day at the beach. The apartment is currently covered in clothes and shoes, everyone's running around packing their suitcases, since our flight back is tomorrow morning - I really don't want to leave!