What's in my bag?

Sunday, 16 June 2013

My current favourite bag is this on I got at Primark for 8€ (!) back in January
I'm one of those girls who carry a huge wallet with them, because I have so many damn client cards, bus cards, etc, etc. I can't understand people who don't carry around earphones with them, since I feel really lost and naked without the option of listening to music. Obviously, my phone and house keys are very very important, and I've gotten the good habit of almost always having a bottle of water in my bag. I have naturally pretty dry skin, so a hand creme is a big necessity for me - there's nothing that I hate more than dry hands, yuck! The mini deodorant has to be one of the most practical things I own and I definitely have to get a new one, before this one's empty. Finally, I usually have some kind of lip balm in my bag, but that's currently being replaced by my light pink Clinique lipstick/lipbalm. I don't always have the small hairbrush with me, but it has a mirror, which can be really useful, and the small white/blue container thingie is for my contacts, since I tend to get all kinds of annoying stuff in my eyes (unlucky much haha). Lastly, the sunglasses are something I only added to my bag recently, but it makes me so happy to have them in there too, because that means that the weather is actually pretty decent!

The last time that I asked for suggestions on what to post, I got this post as one of the ideas, (thanks to the people who commented :) ) and even though my bag carries things in it, which probably almost every girl has in hers too, I though why not and went ahead. I decided not to show my school bag, since that's usually full pens and notebooks and what not. I was going to take the pictures with the things laying on my wooden window sill, but the lighting was bad, so my ugly carpet floor had to do the job.

PS: Another suggestion was to make a Question & Answers post. I really like the idea of that, but I'm not sure if I'd get enough questions together to make an entire post for them? I'd say that if I get more than 10 questions on this post, I'll make a Q&A soon. Anything that's not inappropriate or too private will be answered!


  1. "...so happy to have them in there *too*"
    i think it would be a good idea to make a post about the places you've travelled to :)

    how many countries have you visited? which ones?
    what would you like to change about your body? (maybe this one is too private, sorry!)
    how would you like your life to be like in 5 years? what kind of job, which country/city.. i don't mean what you think it will be like, just what you'd like it to be like :)

    i've run out of ideas :( i don't know what kind of questions you were expecting but i hope these are fine

    1. ah yes, i wasn't concentrating when writing this post, haha!

      thanks for all the questions and i might think about the travelling post :)

  2. which languages do you wish you could speak?

  3. -Top 3 favorite blogs/the blogs you check everyday?
    -What do you want to do after studying journalism?
    -Where do you stand politically? (maybe this one is sensative)
    -Tell me ONE thing that makes you special or different from other people?

  4. -How did you meet/get to know your boyfriend?:)

  5. I have the same handbag !! :D


  6. Your bag and your wallet are such cute, classic pieces! :)


  7. Are you afraid all by your own next year?
    Is there someone from your school who's doing the same thing?

  8. What are you going to wear on the bal du bac?
    Do you have a lot of luxemburgish friends?
    Where do you most go out at weekends?
    Do you have your driving licience?
    Do you drink a lot when going out?

  9. - what are your favourite shops?
    - why do you want to study journalism?
    - are you excited about university? what do you think it will be like?
    - how would you describe your style?

    please do a room tour post, your favourite pieces of clothing post and a makeup routine post (if you don't wear much, then do your night outs makeup routine) pleeease!
    good luck with your orals! xx

  10. Which country or city would you love to visit?

  11. What do you think of Uggs? It seems like most people either hate them or love them :p

  12. How is it to live in luxembourg?

  13. I'll ask a few too, just to give you some more questions (:

    - What are your biggest fashion no-no's? (not sure if it's phrased correctly but you get my drift)
    - How has your life changed since you started blogging?
    - Food/drink which you absolutely don't like?
    - What do you think about the general typical style of most people in Luxembourg? (especially compared to other places like London, Berlin etc.)
    - What one clothing/shoes/bag would you purchase if the price did not matter?
    - How do you think/expect your life to change after you go to uni? (in all ways - friends, style, blogging etc)

    Tried to give you some variety, haha :D

  14. Do you have a life motto? If yes, what it is?
    Best movie you have ever seen?
    Have you ever met any celebrity? And which singer/actor you wood like to meet most?
    Since you have tumblr have you ever considered making a fandom blog? And what do you think about fandom people?
    Do you listen to 80's and 90's music?
    Where are you going to live while in uni?
    Where is your uni?
    Ever wanted to get a tattoo?

  15. where is your wallet from? it's soso cute!!

    1. haha, i'll answer this one directly! i got it from a random shop in France last summer :) lots of "cheap" shops sell quite nice wallets, just have a look at those near you


  16. -If you could just listen to one song for the rest of your life, which one would it be?:D
    -Do you write a lot? Would you post a chronicle you've written in english or french if your readers were interested?

  17. Ahaha I have the exact same bag ! :D
    I did one on my blog too ;)


  18. If you had to live in another country for the rest of your life, where would you choose?
    And that bag is so cute!! :)


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