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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

jeans: h&m top: primark sunglasses: fa├žonnable

I only had a 3 hour Spanish exam today, (which I finished within an hour and a half, yay for that!) so I wanted to wear something comfortable but still nice. Now I am still very much in love with my ripped boyfriend-like jeans, but I just can't find the perfect tops to wear with them! Whatever I wear, I always feel like I look like I shrunk 10cm. Obviously, wearing them with heels would be one option, but since I'm not too keen about wearing heels in daily life, I'd like to find other ways to lenghten my apperance. This is where I'm going to ask you guys, do you have any ideas on what to wear with this kind of pants best? I might even go ahead and google it, hmm..

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  1. The shades really suit you and those jeans really show off your legs<3 Robert x


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