Wednesday, 19 June 2013

How many countries have you visited?  Which ones?
I’ve visited Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Holland, Estonia, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, England, ... I think that’s all! That would be 11 countries.
What would you like to change about your body?
I’m currently working on replacing some fat with muscle, I basically want to shape up a bit. I wouldn’t want to change anything that I can’t change by working out, since I am the way I am and I want to stay that way!
How would you like your life to be like in 5 years?  What kind of job, which country/city, etc
I either want to be working somewhere in Europe, (I don’t have an exact idea what) preferably in the UK or France, or I’ll be doing a Master, (No idea in what though, again) hopefully in Paris.
Which languages do you wish you could speak?
I’d like to speak Spanish fluently, better the way I can speak it at the moment. Additionally, I’d like to know.. Swedish! It sounds so cool in my opinion, haha! But really, I’d love to speak any language at all fluently, I’m a big language-lover.
Top 3 favorite blogs/the blogs you check everyday?
I’ve added so many blogs to my reading list, that this is very hard to answer, but I’ll try:
www.kristianavasarina.com (She’s the reason I started blogging!)
www.intothefoldfashion.com (Discovered this one recently, I just wish she’d update more!)
www.bonjourbellerue.blogspot.com (Again, hoping for more updates)
What do you want to do after studying Journalism?
First of all: I probably won’t study Journalism after all (more on that further down). I’d like to either make a Master in something, maybe Paris or I’ll hope to find a nice job. I’d love to start travelling a lot as soon as possible.
Where do you stand politically?
I’m not a big fan of politicians/politics generally spoken, so I don’t really know where I stand myself, but anyone who supports women, wants to help the poor, etc, is someone I like. (haha) This answer is probably a bit weird, but I really don’t know how to answer this in a better way..
Tell me ONE thing that makes you special or different from other people?
The fact that I laugh. All the time, about myself, about silly things, it doesn’t even have to be funny. I myself like to think that I’m easy to get along with as long as you’re openminded and have some humour!
How did you meet/get to know your boyfriend?
I got to know him through my best guyfriend at the time! We basically met on a night out, started talking...
Are you afraid all by your own next year?
No, actually! Of course, there is always a small part of me that’s going to be confused and scared, but at the same time, I feel absolutely ready to get out there, live somewhere new and do the things I like! I’ve been away from my parents for a while quite often already, so I don’t have a problem with that.
Is there someone from your school who's doing the same thing?
Yes, one of my best friends applied at the same University as me and it’s both our first choice! So if we both get the average we need, we’ll end up at the same Uni and for sure even in the same building, haha!
What are you going to wear on the Bal du BAC?
I got a long, black dress with.. glass stones on the top part. If you know what I mean? It’s strapless and soo beautiful, I will look like a princess. I was thinking about taking pictures of my Proclamation and Bal du BAC dresses – would anyone be interested in that?
Do you have a lot of Luxemburgish friends?
Not really. I have a good friend whom I also went to England with for two weeks, two years ago, but other than that, the only Luxemburgish friends are pretty much those that ended up in ESL as well.
Where do you most go out at weekends?
That really depends. I often go to warm ups (mostly hosted by finnish people) and then I’ll either be at Interview, Sulpalco, Blue Bar.. regarding clubs, I go wherever my friends or people I know are/want to go. That usually is Verso, Melusina and sometimes even Secret Garden or White (even though I don’t like those two very much)
Do you have your driving licience?
No. I have, however, been driving since November, with my mum/dad. I had a driving test once but failed it, so I’m back to normal driving lessons, but I soon have another exam again. Fingers crossed!
Do you drink a lot when going out?
Again, that depends. I often am just tipsy when going out, but sometimes, when I have a good reason to party, I’ll drink a bit more. However, I know my limits and I’ve never had any very bad experience such as getting sick from alcohol or so!
What are your favourite shops?
I’m guessing that you’re referring to clothing shops, etc. I love, love, love Topshop, it’s the one shop I would have no problem to buy empty, haha! Other than that, I also like Pull and Bear, New Look, Asos, H&M (especially lately, they’ve been selling such nice things!), ZARA, Primark, ...
Why do you want to study Journalism?
The reason I wanted to study Journalism is that I love writing. This blog is one of the ways that I express that. If you want to read more about my study/work ideas, check out this post I made a while ago.
Now, I said “wanted”, because I changed my mind and applied for Media & Communication to some other Unis and I think that that’s something I want to do even more. I chose that subject, because I’m interested in everything that is connected to languages, different cultures, but also (again) writing, the internet,... I’m not completely sure if I won’t swap subjects again (yes, I know, I can be complicated at times, haha)
Are you excited about University?  What do you think it will be like?
Yes, very! Especially now that I know what my opportunities will be if I pull myself together and work hard one more time before officially finishing school. I think it will be very different, a lot of fun, but also work. Also, I think it will be a very.. colourful experience. Getting to know new things and people, learning... I definitely am very excited!
How would you describe your style?
To be honest, I don’t actually know. I like a lot of different things; basic outfits, (jeans, t-shirt) girly outfits, edgy ones.. I just mix whatever I feel looks good and what I like and then that’s my “style”. This question has to be one of the hardest to answer!
 Which country or city would you love to visit?
Ohh, the list is never ending! Thailand, USA (especially New York), Sydney, Sweden, Latvia, South America, Finland, maybe Japan, ...
What do you think of Uggs?
I would never buy them for myself and I generally find them awful, haha! The only ones that I find “acceptable” (and cute on some people), are the very low, small ones.
How is it to live in Luxembourg?
It’s cosy, quite safe, and terribly boring at times! Especially since I’ve been to quite a few big cities already, Luxembourg often seems a bit dull. Nevertheless, I am more than happy and grateful to have grown up here, it has its own charm.
What are your biggest fashion no-no's?
I don’t think I really have any of those, but I really don’t like Uggs, (they’re okay if it’s minus 10 degrees outside and snowy, but otherwise: nooo) I can’t stand it when people wear dresses or skirts over jeans (I’ve done it myself when I was 10, but I regret it – so much), and I really, really don’t like the “wedge-sneaker” trend that’s been around for a while now. I just don’t see the point in it. Buy wedges, buy sneakers, but why would you need a combination of them? That’s all I can think of right now..
How has your life changed since you started blogging?
I pay more attention to what I wear, I take more pictures and I realised that whenever I was on a blogging break, I never knew what do to with all the pictures I took, I felt like sharing them, but not only on Facebook or so. Also, I spend a lot more time on the internet - obviously, haha!
Food/drink which you absolutely don't like?
Brussel sprouts, yuck! Warm milk, some spices, .. I generally eat/like everything, so that’s all I could think of.
What do you think about the general typical style of most people in Luxembourg? (especially compared to other places like London, Berlin etc.)
It’s very obvious that Luxembourg is a small country with a small capital when you walk through it and look at other people and how they’re dressed. Here, everyone (including me at times) is much more shy when it comes to what they’re wearing. It’s very boring compared to big cities such as London, Berlin, and so on. I’m very happy that I get to live somewhere else soon, simply so I’ll start experimenting more, because right now, I still feel like the fact that I live in Luxembourg is holding me back from trying certain things when it comes to clothes.
What one clothing/shoes/bag would you purchase if the price did not matter?
Hmmm, probably Acne. They have amazing basics but also special pieces.. I’ll just keep on dreaming, haha!
How do you think/expect your life to change after you go to Uni? (in all ways - friends, style, blogging etc)
I think I’ll get to know people that have lived a completely different life than me before they came to Uni, from other countries and cultures, etc.  My blogging is either going to increase or decrease, it all depends on how busy I’ll be with Uni and if I’ll still enjoy it, I guess. And my style is going to get more experimental, I think! I hope so too.
Do you have a life motto? If yes, what it is?
“Laughter is the best cure.” Simply because I agree, a smile, a good laugh, it’s those small things that make you feel better, even if you’ve been having a very bad day.
Best movie you have ever seen?
This is impossible to answer! I can write down a couple of my favourite movies, but that’s it; Virgin Suicides, Despicable Me (I don’t care if it’s a children’s movie!), Orphan Esther, Mean Girls, (YES) American Beauty, Anna Karenina, ...
Have you ever met any celebrity? And which singer/actor you wood like to meet most?
No, I haven’t. Johnny Depp, simply because he’s my absolute celebrity crush, hehe.
Since you have tumblr have you ever considered making a fandom blog? And what do you think about fandom people?
No, I’ve never even thought about that.. I think they’re fun at times, especially if they have a nice blog/tumblr about their fandom, but I personally would never consider making one myself.
Do you listen to 80's and 90's music?
80’s, no and 90’s sometimes. Usually things like Oasis, Christina Aguilera (if that even counts), Michael Jackson (does that count?)... I mainly listen to the “current” music.
Where are you going to live while in Uni?
If I’m going to England, (which is my first choice) I’ll be living on campus for a year and then probably share a house with friends the year/s after. If I’m going to France, I’ll get my own appartment.
Where is your Uni? 
The one in England is in Brighton and the one in France is in Nice
 Ever wanted to get a tattoo?
Yes, but right now I don’t feel like getting one anymore at all. Maybe I’m growing up, haha!
If you could just listen to one song for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
I really, really can't answer this! My favourite songs change all the time and I can't even pick a single band/singer I'd be able to listen to for the rest of my life, simply because I like so many different kinds of music. If you want to listen to my current favourite songs, go check out this post!
Do you write a lot?
Not anymore. When I was younger, I used to write tons of stories, sometimes even ones that were pages and pages long, often even in French! I now don't have the time anymore and I feel like I have less creativity than I used to have back then. My blog is the main place where I write.
Would you post a chronicle you've written in english or french if your readers were interested?
First of all, I don't have any of my stories I wrote back then anymore, and second of all, they're no big art or anything like that! When I was smaller, I used to read books 24/7, and that was also the main reason that I started writing my own stories. So all those stories are old, maybe a bit childish - in no way interesting for the blog/my readers, I'd say.

Thank you so, so much for all the questions, everyone! I would never have thought that I'd get such a huge amount of them. If you have any more questions in the future, the easiest way for me to answer them will be if you ask them on my formspring!


  1. Ahh I loved this post! I'm thinking about doing one too maybe soon, q&a's are so fun to read :-) I studied a few media comm subjects last semester and loved them, it's such an interesting area of study :-) Brighton and Nice would both be so lovely for uni, I'm so jealous haha! Brisbane is lame! I'm in Melbourne on holiday at the moment so I can't blog but I've actually taken photos so when I get hone I can finaaaalllyyy get back into it (worst blogger in the world!).


  2. im so jealous of all the countries you have visited!

  3. Loved reading through your answers, Nora! :) I wish you luck with uni & all that jazz. Quite proud that Latvia is up on your to-do list hahaha xx


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