Prom/Proclamation outfits

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

 This is the dress I'll be wearing to my prom. It's maxi-lenght and just perfect! It was a tad too wide and long, so I got that fixed at the tailor and now it fits me like a glove. I'm going to feel like such a princess! (I got the dress from this website - I only paid a third of the original price though!!)
This clutch is an old one from my grandma that she gave me. I already wore it to a similar thing to the prom and since the upper part of my dress is sparkly, this clutch will be just enough as accessoire, no need for any jewellery!
 This Motel Rocks (yes, I finally got myself something from that brand!) lace dress is what I'll be wearing to my proclamation. It's short, but not too short, so it's still kind of classy.
 It has a very low back, which gives it that little touch that makes it even more beautiful!
 You can't see it that well on the picture, but the dress is covered in golden glitter, which makes me feel like a fairy in it, hihi.
 These nude/old rose shoes are from Sacha, I'll be wearing them with my proclamation dress.

I decided to only show you detail pictures, (apart from the clutch, obviously) because the dresses only look good in these kind of pictures or when worn and I simply didn't want to spoil the surprise of pictures of me actually wearing anything. (Yes, yes, call me weird)
I haven't looked for/found any shoes to wear to prom or a bag/clutch for the proclamation, but I'll probably keep it simple on those accessoires, so I'll just spontaneously decide on that. Do you like the dresses, etc? Personally, I'm more than happy with everything and I just can't wait to wear it all!


  1. The iridescent gems and sequins on the first dress are crazy beautiful. And I am a sucker for lace anything, the dress is very chic. The almond toed shoes will pair nicely with your dress. You are going to look great wearing these clothes!

  2. The prom dress is gorgeous and the graduation one is very cute but isn't it a Danish/Swedish tradition to dress in white for their graduation?

    1. i have noo idea, but that wouldn't keep me from wearing a white dress!

  3. Wie bleibt deine schwarze Dr. Denim eig. so schön schwarz?
    Meine ist ein halbes Jahr alt und vom waschen schon total grau ;\

    1. tut sie nicht, hab vor zwei wochen eine neue bekommen, die auch erst einmal gewaschen wurde. meine werden auch immer grau nach ein paar wäschen..


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