My last days of school

Monday, 3 June 2013

In my school, it is kind of a tradition to dress up differently every day (meaning for 4 days) of your last school week. There is a voting to decide what to wear and when and here's what I wore for each theme: Monday: pyjamas (I took off the tights in school) Tuesday: classy Wednesday: country stereotype (Luxembourg has the stereotype of having quite rich people living here and already young girls tend to wear Louis Vuitton bags and Moncler jackets, so I borrowed these things from a friend and well - I got lots of compliments on it, haha!) Thursday: gangster (I added a cap to that later during the day)

On the left, you can see my german teacher wearing his custom made shirt we gave him as a present. His name is Svoboda and we always call him Svobi or Svobinator, (he's oh so adorable) so a girl from my class drew this awesome picture of him as Superman. Doesn't it look so cool?! In the middle is a picture of my yearbook that I finally recieved on Tuesday. Reading through it is so much fun, but I never know whether to laugh or cry..! I'm almost done collecting little texts and/or signatures from friends and even some teachers. The picture on the right shows a couple of girls from my class, who represented Germany on the country stereotype themed day - aren't they lovely in their Dirndl?

As always, after having your last 4 days of school, you go camping with your entire year that Thursday evening (it was cold but so so much fun) and then the day after, you go the school and egg and flour bomb everyone! Unfortunately, the weather was quite bad, considering it was on the 31st of May (!), so I ended up freezing and shaking, but it was worth it! I will post some pictures of the food fight another time. The theme from my year is Survivors (you know, we survived the apocalypse in 2012 and all), so we dressed up as zombies/figthers, etc. This picture got taken right before we left my friend's place where we got ready to go buy 17kg of flour...

After the big mess, there is a school party kind of thing going on, which was unfortunately not as great as it could have been, due to many people not being able to go home and change (I was lucky enough to be able to shower and change at my friend's) and because the sun was still barely showing itself. Nevertheless, we had human foosball and this bungee rope kind of thing. I did the rope thingie and it was fun, but much harder than it looks! I took the picture on the right when I left the party, thinking that I will never ever have class again there.. so weird!

So these were my last couple of school days! I don't know if this is very interesting for any of you guys, but I somehow felt like sharing these experiences, because school has always had a very important place in my life (not only education-wise) and I'm kind of melancholic (but happy at the same time, don't worry!) that it's already pretty much over.

I had my first exam today, which was German and I can't really say how it went, since it always depends on how my teacher marks. Tomorrow I have Spanish, which I don't have to study for and then I already have a day off before having any other exams! I'll try to snap an outfit picture or two over the following days, so stay tuned! xo

PS: sorry for all the blabbering, but congratulations if you actually read it all!


  1. i read it all, yay! i found it interesting because you dont usually write a loot so yeah :)

    1. haha, yay! it's nice to know that someone appreciates all my writing :D

  2. Interesting Blog about your end of school (and yes I did read it all). Also I loved your smile in the pic with the lads, and the way your hair looks when down, on the pyjama day. Very pretty! Robert x

  3. I really liked this post, i had my last days of highschool too so i know what you're feeling:) your school really seems fun for organizing all these things! We were only like 'yeah school's over so bye now'
    Can you post some pictures inside your yearbook too?:p

  4. nice post! I got full of flour and i had to wash my hair like 3 times before going out aha. can't wait for next year !



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