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Monday, 24 June 2013

Just a random picture of books that I'm currently reading/I want to read soon - exams, be over already!

I got my driver's license!!!!!!! Okay, this was necessary. After failing the exam the first time, I'm pretty much the happiest person alive right now, it brings me that small step closer to being independent! Unfortunately, being on the road (see what I did there? hehehe) all day, barely being at home, I didn't study the tiniest bit, so I'll have to have some serious study sessions over the next few days and pull myself together one more time before I am finally a free person on the 6th of July!
Since some of you said that yes, you want to see my prom/proclamation outfits, I'll post pictures of them ASAP :) Now I'm off to relax a little and try to go to bed earlier than usually. Have a nice rest of the day! xo

And I know that this must be annoying, but really do follow me on Bloglovin', here!! I fixed the problem, so now you can all see my updates on your Bloglovin' dashboard. I currently only have 36 followers on Bloglovin', which irritates me a bit, since I've gained so many recently, so go click the button or import my blog!


  1. I've read the fifty shades trilogy and it might be entertaining because it's porn but it's very poorly written.. at least the original version (english) is! I want to read 'The fault in our stars' too! :)

    1. haha yes, it's not exactly the best book i've read so far, but oh well :) yes i can't wait to start reading it!

  2. HI darlin! THank you so much for following my blog! I"m following you now on GFC & Bloglovin:)!

  3. I plan to also read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green! I here its a very good story but very sad, i saw a good review a youtuber did of it if you are interested. Happy reading! And good luck on your last days of school.

    already following you on bloglovin, check out my blog?

  4. I LOVE Lolita! Nabokov's use of language is incredible. Can't really say the same for 50 shades of grey though haha

  5. Congrats on your drivers licence!
    + those books are great! (although I haven't read Fault in our stars, but it's in my bookshelf waiting to be read this summer). I love Lolita, such a great book and I also really like the 90's film. A lot of people slated 50 shades, but I did quite like the first book, although there are waaaaay tooo many sex scenes, the plot of the story was actually alright.


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