Thursday, 13 June 2013

top, skirt, necklace: h&m / h&m divided flats: new look leather jacket: topshop

Since my friends and I officially finished our written exams yesterday, we decided that that's a reason to party and went out! For the first time this year, I went out with bare legs, that didn't result of me completely ripping my tights, haha! I've been wanting to wear my neon skirt that I got a while ago for a while already, and I thought that going out would just be the perfect time to wear it. Since I felt like I really wanted to look colourful and bright yesterday night, I added the necklace and now this has to be one of my new favourite combinations! The only problem with shooting this outfit was that, since it's so bright, the camera made the pictures extremely bright half of the time, so I had to sacrifice a couple of minutes to get some proper pictures. I'm off to have dinner now and then be lazy. (really embracing that, since I soon have to start studying - again) Have a nice Thursday night! xo


  1. What a gorgeous colour, and I love how you've styled it!

  2. The photos look great, and I really love that jacket and this whole outfit!

  3. Love that necklace, very pretty!

  4. I have the exact same problem, my camera barely won't pick up neon color.. I really like that flirty neon skirt btw . This shape are so flattering actually. Thanks for your sweet comment ! Barcelona has so much to do during summer. definitely rent a bike when you go to the beach, visit the park Güell it's a nice walk, perfect spot for shooting outfits as well :-) I don't know if you intend to go clubbing but nightlife there is so fun. Any bars in the Barrio Gotico or clubs along the beach are pretty cool. As for food you'll find great places anywhere but I love this place called Bar Lobo ( Carrer Pintor Fortuny, 3) next to las Ramblas. Hope it helps a bit, have fun :-) xx


  5. I really love this oufit. You look fabulous

  6. love this outfit, very great leather jacket and necklace.



  7. Such a lovely outfit! You look amazinf

    http://disfidare.blogspot.pt/ x


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