Cloudy Wednesday

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

top: zara jeggings: dr denim cardigan: mango

I just quickly wanted to pop by and already let you know in advance that I probably won't be able to update daily for the next 8 days. I'm having my first orals in two days and even though they're the two easiest ones, I'm still kind of jittery and freaking out, simply because I feel like my brain won't save any more stuff about philosophy, urgh! I'm gonna pull myself together and try studying for another hour today until I'm off to work out for a bit (working out really does help, since I can let go of some of my overflowing energy) and then watch Monsters University with a friend! I'm so excited about the movie, that I feel like a 6 year old instead of an 18 year old, but hey, I waited far too long for this! Another movie on my have-to-watch-list is Despicable Me 2, and since I already made a pact with the boyfriend to go watch that one, I should probably go remind him that it's in the cinema right now... ehehehheheh.

Okay enough now, I'm off, I need to stop procrastinating!!


  1. Nice pictures :)


  2. So gorgeous! Love the simplicity :) Might sound weird... but the room is gorgeous too haha! Good luck with your exams x

  3. I love the cardigan, it makes the whole outfit look so cute!


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