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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

 My boyfriend recently went to Scotland and brought me these hipster earrings - how he'd call them. I quite like them! They're from Urban Outfitters
 I'm surprised that I haven't thought of the back of my garden as a good picture-taking-spot yet, it's so pretty there with the little bench!
 Because it rained so incredibly much but was sometimes really hot inbetween, the whole country is amazingly green - I personally think that our garden looks like a small jungle, haha!

Luckily, now the weather is much better, (around 20 degrees and more, yay!) so I spent my afternoon French studying yesterday outside in the sunshine, drinking a cooling drink, mmh

I was actually supposed to make an outfit post for today, but I have this really bad feeling that I need to take the antibiotics I took two weeks ago again.. I have a day off today, so I'll go to the doctor in the morning and then I'll have lunch at my grandma's (mmmhh), study some more and then spend some time with my boyfriend. I still want to wear that new skirt of mine, so I might be able to take outfit pictures tomorrow!


  1. Hoping to see the new skirt ;-) Robert x

  2. your garden reminds me a bit of narnia d: and by the way im really happy that you have posted a lot the last couples of days


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