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Sunday, 2 June 2013

top: h&m divided pants: h&m flats: bershka jacket: sheinside bag: /

Yesterday, I finally had the opportunity to get some outfit pictures taken, after days of not being able to wear normal clothes (more on that in the next post)
I spent my Saturday sleeping, studying a bit and then I went to my boyfriend's place and later on we went to see Hangover III with a friend. I expected the movie to be pretty bad, but it was quite funny, actually! 
The top I wore is one that I bought "secondhand" and I'm so happy I got it! I can't wait to wear this with cute skirts or even a dress underneath, especially now that the weather is finally getting better.
I'm now officially off school, meaning that I'll only have to study for my final exams over the next weeks, which also means that I can try to take more outfit pictures!
I have to get back to the books now though, so have a nice Sunday and I'll be back with another post tomorrow, xo


  1. hey hun, i've followed you on blogger and bloglovin, adore your blog! :) xx

  2. That top is really lovely! <3
    You definitely should smile more in your photos, you have such a beautiful smile!

    1. thank you, that's so sweet! i'll try :)

  3. Your garden is incredible, you should use it more often for pictures :)
    You're an amazing blogger!


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