All black

Saturday, 15 June 2013

jeggings: dr denim top: everything 5 pounds necklace: my mum's nailpolish: hema

Yesterday, I went to the BBBQ (Bac BBQ) from my year, which means that we basically spent half the day outside on some field. Since it wasn't warm but not cold either, I decided to wear my new crop top and the new pair of highwaisted black jeggings I got. I added the necklace, a denim jacket and light ballet flats (which are wandering to the bin now because they're finally completely wrecked) to make it a bit more colourful and suprisingly ended up wearing my hipster sunglasses (the round ones) most of the time. I kind of had to run to the bus, so I didn't have time to take proper outfit pictures, but since this one is pretty simple, I decided that a mirror and detail shot will do :) I got a suggestion on a post I should make and I'll probably do that tomorrow or so, but as always, I'm open to any suggestions! I'm a bit scared that the blog will seem a bit boring if I only post outfit pictures 99% of the time. Or do you like that? What are your favourite kinds of posts?
Have a nice rest of the Saturday! xo


  1. -music posts
    -Q&A posts
    -food/health posts


  2. Gorgeous look doll! You can never go wrong with black

  3. Outfits, health tips, music... :)

  4. Nora! You are SUCH a sweetie for leaving that little comment on my blog about posting more! Seriously doll, made me smile so so much! (+++ will take it on board, and get on it!!)
    Can't believe how long I've been reading your blog for, YEARS! So amazing to see how your style has remained SUPER chic throughout. I love your blog for exactly what it is... I like to see / read mix of everything!
    So much love, please come visit London soon!


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