Strappy & Transparent

Saturday, 4 May 2013

blouse: ? jeggings: dr denim shoes: h&m

Yesterday evening, I planned to go out with a good friend of mine and decided to finally wear my new shoes. We ended up not really going out, (we had dinner and went to the cinema, but we didn't feel like going out afterwards anymore) so none of us two felt like wearing heels and i didn't actually get to wear the shoes, haha! I'm still happy that I took pictures of me wearing them because.. well just because.
Today I've been feeling pretty ill, with a blocked nose and all, so I'm just hanging around at home, procrastinating - just the usual. That's all I've got to share for now, have a nice rest of the weekend xo

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  1. The transparent blouse, strappy top and heels look really cool but the jeggings need to be a different colour to blue to really make a stand out outfit. You look pretty as usual though! R x


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