Wednesday, 22 May 2013

dress: princess polly flats: lily rose coat: h&m bag:  //

One round of applause for me - I finally have some decent outfit pictures! As planned, I spent my day at my grandma's, then shopping and working out. I found a few lovely things on my shopping trip, including great colourful things, and I'll show it all to you tomorrow! I can't wait to wear my new things, I feel like a kid in a candystore when I look at them! I'm off to read some blogs and then go to bed, xo


  1. I think i know exactly where that place îs (this sounds creepy hahah but it's just because I know that autoecole) and your bag is fab! =)

  2. you really have no idea where you bought this bag?:( i want it soo bad!

  3. @anon: no no, i know where i bought the bag, but it was some random shop i found in Berlin!


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