Friday, 10 May 2013

jacket: sheinside top: h&m jeggings: dr denim

I still haven't found the memory card for my camera, (I should maybe start considering to buy a new one...) and since I was home alone, I didn't have anyone to take pictures of me either, so I took these two snapshots of what I wore yesterday afternoon/evening. I went to a friend's place where we had a BBQ with around 20 people, it was great fun and I ate enough for the rest of the week! (oops) I slept over at her place and went to work out this morning and now I'm home. Tonight, I'll finally go out, but I don't know if I'll get to snap any outfit pictures...
Anyways, have a nice Friday and TTYL xo


  1. I have a problem. i wanted to follow you through Bloglovin, but if I click on that icon on your blog it says that the url is not found. Why's that?

  2. @anon: that's probably because i changed my url on here, i just fixed it, try again :)


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