Thursday, 23 May 2013

 Simple v-necks from the men's section - I'm always craving white and grey shirts
Kind of boyfriend jeans - H&M (they're still pretty tight at the top, but I like them that way)
 Random buy: salted macadamia nuts, soo good! Definitely need to buy those again - HEMA

 This is a skirt and it's neon (bright) green. It's a skater skirt, so there's no use in taking pictures of it when it's not worn - H&;M Divided
 Bodycon dress - H&M Divided
 Crop top, this was kind of an impulse buy - ZARA
 Sooooo in love with this necklace! H&M
 Iphone bumper thingie - H&M
The pink and brown/nude ones are kind of "routine" buys, since I often use those colours, the bright yellow one will be used as an experiment, really curious about how it'll look!

There you go, this is all I bought yesterday! I'm super happy with everything, especially since they can all more or less (the shirts not that much maybe) be used as key pieces in an outfit and because I now have some more colourful items to add to my closet! I'm not quite sure what to wear the striped bodycon dress with, so if any of you have ideas - shoot!

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  1. I have the nailpolish too, perfect for spring!:)

    xx Claude


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