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Sunday, 26 May 2013

 left: I finally got around watching Anna Karenina and I loved it! Oh and I'm totally having the biggest girl crush ever on Keira.. right: Is it just me or is Leonardo unbelievebly goodlooking in The Great Gatsby? *sigh*
 left: my grandma made mousse au chocolat and served it in the world's cutest cups, awwh right: I don't know why, but this really cracked me up - gotta love tumblr!
left: simple and comfortable Saturday outfit right: I tried out Cassey Ho's (Blogilates) flourless pizza yesterday and it was delish! Definitely making that more often - it's a much healthier version compared to regular pizza

Tomorrow I will have the first out of my 4 last days of school... ever! It's a tradition to dress up differently every day, so I'm really looking forward to school (I said it!!!), and we're not going to work much more now, so I'm sure it'll be fun. I'll try to snap some pictures with my phone, so that I can maybe post some pictures on here soon!

PS: I've been rather active on several social networks, so check out my:
vine: Nora Lauff (I haven't uploaded any videos yet, but I might do soon)

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