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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

 left: I recently spontaneously made banana-penautbutter-ice cream, it turned out to be quite tasty! right: smoothie, greek yoghurt with oats, müsli, cinnamon and honey as breakfast
 left: pre-workout food at Exki: chai latte & peacan pie right: outfit detail
 left: from tomorrow on, I have exactly 10 days left of school - crazy! right: I finally had a bagel again with friends, I took the italian one this time; ham, mozzarella, pesto and dried tomatoes
 left: I should really start wearing low ponytails, now that my hair is finally at a quite decent lenght right: my pink sports bra really motivates me to work out!
 left: we fiiiinally have fresh strawberries at home again, I hate an immense amount of them within 2 days right: studying maths in the sunshine on Sunday...
left: ... which ended with me rather sunbathing than studying, haha! right: sooo pretty!

I had a maths test today, got two good/very good grades and tomorrow I'm giving in my economics essay and then the marks for this semsester (without the BAC marks obviously) will be fixed. The other 9 days of school won't be marked anymore, so I might even be able to skip some classes I don't need anymore - wonderful! I'm already making plans for my 4 day weekend again, including a BBQ, family dinner, Pupils' Committee dinner and and and. I'm so happy to have the worst behind me, which is quite ironic, because my major exams are only coming up, but I luckily don't have to study anything but maths for my written exams - gotta love languages!
I currently can't find my memory card for the camera (*facepalm*), so I can't properly take pictures of outfits and stuff, or I have to use my phone.. I'll try to update again ASAP though.

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