Wednesday, 29 May 2013

all pictures are from my tumblr

Hey guys! I apologize for the emptiness around here lately, but I've been far too busy dressing up, taking last pictures at school, writing into yearbooks.. enjoying my last days of high school! Tomorrow is my very very last day, so I'll be back with normal-ish (as far as my exams allow it) updates. I got my report with all the marks I got so far today and I'm really happy because my average of those marks is 81/100 and that counts 40% in the average of the entire year, so it's a good start! That is pretty much all I have to share for the moment, but I'll be back, I promise! xo


  1. Good luck with your finals then!!:)

  2. I'm getting my report tomorrow... I Hope I have a good average =)
    By the way, I love the first picture !


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