Thursday, 2 May 2013

 greek yoghurt with kiwi, banana, honey, cinnamon, müsli and oats
 rice noodles with broccoli and shrimps
 salad with corn, bell pepper and beetroot
 quinoa salad with feta, tomatos, peppermint, corn, paprika, lemon juice and black olives
salad with boiled eggs, shrimps, tomatos, cucumber and cheddar
 broccoli, zucchini, egg plant, bell pepper and cheese
quinoa with beetroot, boiled eggs, avocado and feta

I've recently seen quite a few food related posts on other blogs, and since I really started to enjoy experimenting around when it comes to cooking, I took pictures of the last few meals I had (can you imagine how hard it was not to start eating immdiately? it was aawful!) and here they are! I am always looking for new ideas, so please do drop any suggestions in the comments boy below! What kind of foods do you like making/eating most?


  1. yummy :D würde gerne alles essen! Anna xx

  2. These are nice ideas! I love brócoli, I really like combining it with rice noodles like you did, or next to a salmon.


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