Monday, 6 May 2013

shorts, top: h&m, shoes: vans, bag: primark

Even though every second blog on the internet has pictures of people under/next to blossoming trees, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures next to one myself. The tree is in front of our house and it's just beauuutiful!
Today is my last day of my 4 day weekend, I'm back to school tomorrow - for 2 days, ha! After wednesday, I have another 4 day weekend coming up, but I can only really look forward to that when I have my maths test behind me and handed in my economics essay...
I spent my afternoon in the parc in town with two friends, picnicking and enjoying the sunshine, and over all, I probably studied/worked less over those past 4 days than I usually do over a 2 day weekend, oops.
Anyways, I'm off to look over some maths formulas again soon and then I should try to sleep, have a nice rest of the evening! xo


  1. ooh what a lovely location for photos! love those mint shorts. I just found you blog and its lovely, your posts are all so nice! x

  2. I'm loving those shorts! And good luck on the maths test! x


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