Saturday, 27 April 2013

This weekend will consist of me studying (once again) and working out only. Since I still wanted to post something and am in need of inspiration, I googled "Street Style" and this great site called Street Peeper popped up. You can find snaps of street style all over the world there, so great! Looking at all these pictures made me crave colourful coats, striped pants... and courage! Some of the outfits shown above are quite eye catching and.. brave - at leats in my opinion. I often find myself being a coward when it comes to what I wear, which ends up frustrating me, since I could drool over outfits like these for hours. I sometimes think that it's the fact that I live in Luxembourg that puts me off wearing some combinations, heels, etc. At the same time, I might still care too much about what other people think about me, especially those who I don't know but still "know". I really hope that I'll start experimenting more when I move away from Luxembourg!
To finish this off in a traditional way; I have nothing to wear! - my reaction when seeing all those gorgeous clothing items uuurgh

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