Shift Dresses

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Even since I saw Eliza wear a shift dress on her blog/instagram, I've been lusting after one or two for myself. I checked tons of online shops, but it turned out that the shop where she got her dress from has the most amazing ones! I just ordered two dresses out of this collage - can you guess which ones?
Unfortunately, the online shop is australian, so I had to pay 40€ for shipping (I usually hate doing that), but they're supposed to arrive withing 3-4 days, so I guess that's okay! Now that the weather is (finally!!) getting better, I really can't wait to just slip them on and look fabulous!
What do you think about shift dresses? I really hope H&M or ZARA will stock some up themselves, I can already see myself filling my closet with them..

PS: the yellow and orange-y dresses are from asos!


  1. Woo, shift dresses! I literally live in mine, they're so easy to wear. I'm not going to guess because I will definitely get it wrong, but I love all of these.


  2. most of them are pretty :)


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