Outfit Snapshots

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

 sweater: h&m, jeggings: dr denim, jacket: ?, watch: asos

pants & sweater: h&m, necklace: ?

I didn't have the time, nor the motivation to take proper outfit pictures lately, partly because the weather got worse again (okay it's not freezing anymore, but it's rainy) and mostly because I've pretty much just had my last test out of 5 in a row today. Even though it didn't really go that well, I can say that I won't ever ever have to do anything history related again, woo!
Since it's the 1st of May tomorrow (already!?!) and I have a day off school, I'll be spending it with a bunch of friends at a BBQ - can't wait! I'm not sure if bringing my camera would be very useful, but I'll see about that tomorrow.. Other than that, I wish you a nice Tuesday night! xo

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  1. I think this is one of the best outfits you've worn lately :) and you look lovely with your hair up!


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