Saturday, 13 April 2013

pants: h&m, blouse: bought 2nd hand, shoes: vans

I quickly grabbed my brother to snap these pictures of me before I left the house, and even though it's nothing special, I really like the combination of my fake leather pants and white vans! I can already see myself living in these shoes during summer, they're so damn comfortable and practical.
I spent my day working out and baking, I then attended the school's 60th anniversary and helped out a bit and in the evening I watched and helped at the talent show we (the pupils' committee) organised. It was great fun and we were all really surprised about the huge amount of people attending (over 400 came!!)
I'm gonna end my evening with the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy now and then head straight to bed, tomorrow's plans are; studying! I lately feel like even if I slept 3 days in a row, I would still be tired.. hmm

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  1. lovely shirt!



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