Friday, 1 March 2013

Details of what I wore today (love the light on the pictures!)

Hey folks! I just quickly wanted to stop by and let you know what my (awesome) plans for tomorrow are: like last year, there'll be a Europarty organised again, which is basically a party where people from all the European School go to party all together! Last year it was in Brussels and this year it is in Antwerp, which is great since I've never been there before! I'll leave with people from my school with the bus tomorrow at 11AM, then I'll get to spend the entire day there with my friends and in the evening we'll party like there's no tomorrow! I'm definitely taking some money with me, in case that I pass by any nice shops. I really want to take my camera with me, but I'm simply too scared to get it stolen in the evening and it's heavy too.. I'll take many pictures with my phone though, so I might post some of those on here when I'm back!
Our bus back to Luxembourg is at 6AM, so I'll probably be sleeping the entire Sunday and try to study some more (I have a history and geography test on Monday and Tuesday - stupid timing! :( ) but if I find the time and energy, I'll update too.
I might prepare a small post for tomorrow, so it won't get too quiet around here :) I wish you all a very lovely weekend and party hard! (or study hard?:D) xo

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  1. I love the light and shadows and your necklace looks really cool<3 R x


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