Friday, 29 March 2013

 even Michelle Obama visited Ronda!:D

Today, we hit the road pretty early (well, 10AM.. but that's still earlier than usually) to drive to a city called Ronda and then later drive past some other ones. Unfortunately, (as you can probably see) the lightning wasn't the best, but I still wanted to show you the pictures I took. While we were there, we saw the holy procession, (related to the holy Easter week/days) and even though I'm not religious at all, I was really impressed and even got goosebumps!
Tomorrow's plans will be tanning and shopping, yay!


  1. More shopping, more short skirts and more bare legs please! :p R x

  2. in the first picture of you and your brother there's a woman wearing a really thick coat haha for them, 15°C is cold whereas for us it's rather warm :p
    you're luckyyy! i usually go visit my family during these holidays but this year i haven't so i don't get to watch the processions :/


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