New in - Malaga

Thursday, 28 March 2013

 from H&M
 from Bershka (obvious, duh)

from KIKO (the mascara was trying to roll away in the picture, in case you're wondering)

Even though there were quite a few nice shops in Malaga, I wasn kind of disappointed when I had a look at them.. I feel like I always see other bloggers, etc, wearing gorgeous things that I want too, but when I go to shops (or even check online), I can never seem to find anything.. Never the less, I'm really happy with what I bought. The strappy flats are just so damn cute - with pants and bare legs! The earrings were a spontaneous buy, I think I'm going to stock up on cool earrings.. And the mascara and concealer were so cheap (and needed, especially the mascara), that I just couldn't resist them. I had already heard about that brand, and when I saw the mascara for 3,90€ and the concealer for 5,90€, I just had to take them with me!

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