Friday, 22 March 2013

Having a dentist appointment at 9:15 already today, and only starting school at 11:30 (like every Friday), I had some spare time on my hands and had a stroll through H&M - the pictures show what I took home with me! The grey sweater is one that I already have in black and spontaneously bought on sale for 10€. The pants are.. beautiful! I'm kind of happy that some H&M pants actually fit me now, which has never been the case, ever.
I spent my evening packing and filled my suitcase with pretty pants.. hehe!
Since I've spent the last days running aroung school, taking last minute pictures for the yearbook, editing pages and pages and more pages, studying for tests and finishing my things to send to french universities, I'm more than happy to finally be able to relax a little. I do have to read a book and write and essay or two, but I'm sure that that'll be a lot nicer to do in a pretty hotel room or at the beach.
Our plane is at 6AM tomorrow, so I might even be able to already post something tomorrow afternoon/evening, when I'm already in Spain! Now I wish you all a nice Friday evening and I'll see you tomorrow, xo

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