Tuesday, 19 March 2013

 left: celebrating Kasia's (the blonde one in the middle) 18th birthday on friday, with a pink cake! right: a random picture from the warm up at Alisa's place before our prebac party (that's why we're all dressed up) - the lightening is so cool and Andreas aka the pig looks so cute! (no instagram filter on this one btw)
left: snapshot of what I wore today right I'm getting really good at freestyle cooking! Today, I made myself chicken with bell pepper, eggplant, zucchini (?) and a kind of spicy sauce - yummy!

I originally planned to take proper outfit pictures today, but since the memory card from my camera broke, this will have to do. I'll try to get a new one tomorrow and I'm pretty sure that I'll take a few outfit pictures during the holidays! (in ballet flats and maybe even with bare legs??!)


  1. Yummm, that chicken dish looks so good. I have a weird thing about touching raw meat (it icks me out haha) but I want to overcome that so I can start cooking up fancy lunches/dinners for myself that aren't vegetarian! Eggplant and bell peppers are so yum.


  2. You have great legs so bare will be nice too. R x


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