Saturday, 23 March 2013

 how cool is it to find the spanish ELLE in your hotel room? very!

I arrived in Spain around 9AM today, whereafter we took a bus to the hotel, and now I'm updating from my hotel room! The hotel is absolutely beautiful, and huge, huge! When we arrived here, the weather was sunny and nice (only 14 degrees, but that's okay, expecially compared to 1 degreed (or less!) in Luxembourg), but it soon started raining and the weather is generally a bit confusing right now.. I decided not to go to the town close to our hotel with my parents, since I'm tired and cold (probably because I only got 3 hours of sleep and some.. uncomofortable minutes on the plane and bus), so I'll stay in the room, tumblr a bit and read (or try haha) the spanish ELLE a bit. Later, I'll get my lazy butt up and try out the gym. The food is incredible, I only had salad and fruit for lunch but oh geez am I full - their selection is crazy! And have I mentioned that I can actually use my spanish skills here? Seriously though, I'm mainly communicating for the rest of the family *proud*
Enough for today! xo


  1. I'm also going to spain in a few days, hoping the weather to be better than that :D

  2. This place looks amazing! Hope you have an amazing time and that the weather gets better soon :)

  3. Your photos are soo amazing! I just arrive in Italy today! Such nicer weather than in Ireland :D I hope you have an amazing time!
    Sofia x

  4. The hotel looks great and I think you were wise to rest up and regain your equilibrium. So clever that you can use your Spanish skills. It is such a gift to the quality of your life to speak more than one language.
    R x


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