Tuesday, 5 March 2013

can't wait to dive into my new magazine, the american Glamour is my favourite!

I had my second (and last) test for this week today, so I can focuse on homework and pre-studying for maths now. I already did my spanish and english essay (we were supposed to write 500 words + but I wrote over a 1000, oops..) this afternoon and tomorrow I'll hit the library to do some maths and my history homework! I went there to study for the first time last week and I'll definitely go there a few times more - it's much easier to concentrate there.
I also had a stroll through H&M and ZARA today, but I didn't find anything.. I feel the desperate need to throw out half of my wardrobe and buy new things, only that I don't know what new things to buy, haha! I might have another look at the stores tomorrow.

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