Friday, 1 March 2013

I've recently started reading Eliza's blog and I decided that it's worth sharing on here!
As she describes herself, she's an "Eighteen year old journalism student from Australia recording ramblings on fashion, music, art, food and day-to-day life."
What I like about her blog the most is the big variation of posts she makes. Her blog isn't only filled with outfit pictures (I love her style though, it looks so effortlessly but still so good), but she also makes fashion (-icon) related posts, writes about her everyday life and shares her great music taste! It wouldn't be the first time that I download at least a dozen songs that I discovered through her.
I hope that I got you all interested in her and her blog and give it a go and check it out! I really think that she deserves way more followers. (Oh and how cool is it that she's studying what I'm thinking about studying too?)

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