Monday, 4 March 2013

 "This is what happens when you wear a bow tie" Julius, Alisa and me
 I mainly took pictures of the builings, as usual
 a random second hand shop (didn't buy anything though)


at the restaurant before leaving to the party location - Kate, Sarah & me (I changed shoes for the evening, though!)

 at the party - I finally got to wear my sparkly crop top! - Kate, Sarah and me
 Alisa and me trying to study geography at 1AM :D
 Yannic and Thomas

and as always, I ended up with completely ripped tights!

As I already mentioned, I didn't take my camera with me to Antwerp, so these phone shots will have to do the job. I had tons of fun, but the party unfortunately got shut down way too early again! :(


  1. Great to see you having such a relaxed fun time. I love the ripped! R x

  2. i could totally predict the party shutting down early, i mean european school (no matter which country) means trouble hahah

  3. Haha I definitively agree with Kristiana :D Classic European school...


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