One day in Gibraltar

Sunday, 31 March 2013

 you had, or could even pay in pounds :D

 in order to get to the city, you have to walk across the airfield, so cool!

 ... just so you get an idea how windy it was :D

Today, my family and I went to Gibraltar, simply so that we can say "we were there", haha! I really liked getting a peak at the british kind of people again, even if it doesn't reaaaally count, I guess. I miss England so much :( We basically spent our time there walking around and having a drink, and then I even played darts against my brother for the first time - it was so much fun!


As I already told you, I went shopping with my mum today. We went to a really big mall, and even though it had great shops (Topshop, Springfield, Pull and Bear, Zara, etc), I only bought this sweater from Stradivarius. I was somehow really disappointed, I felt like every shop was selling the same kind of things..


Friday, 29 March 2013

I recently bought the english Grazia and read an article (or more like a collage with text bobs and bits here and there) about the shoes that are in now. They wrote about stilettos with mini heels, 'slice' wedges, and blockettes. The blockette shoes are the ones that caught my eye as soon as I saw them. The deal about those shoes is that they do have a heel, but a small one, and they're block heels. I'm sure that they'll remind you of the 60's, etc. I immediately had to think of the movie Clueless!
Anyhow, I'm now playing with the idea of getting a pair myself. The small collage you can see above contains shoes from asos, all for less than 50€ if I remeber right. My personal favourite ones are the two nude pairs, since they're cute and different, but not too special or obvious and I don't own a proper pair of nude shoes. What do you think about them? Yes or No?


 even Michelle Obama visited Ronda!:D

Today, we hit the road pretty early (well, 10AM.. but that's still earlier than usually) to drive to a city called Ronda and then later drive past some other ones. Unfortunately, (as you can probably see) the lightning wasn't the best, but I still wanted to show you the pictures I took. While we were there, we saw the holy procession, (related to the holy Easter week/days) and even though I'm not religious at all, I was really impressed and even got goosebumps!
Tomorrow's plans will be tanning and shopping, yay!


Thursday, 28 March 2013

top: primark, skirt: asos, flats: bershka

Here are a few snapshots of what I wore this afternoon. I spent my morning tanning (yes, it was finally warm enough!!) and working out and in the afternoon I finally decided that it was warm enough to walk around with bare legs. Unfortunately, it was terribly windy today (as you can see on some of the pictures), so I was constantly fighting against my skirt, so that I wouldn't unintentionally flash people, haha!

New in - Malaga

 from H&M
 from Bershka (obvious, duh)

from KIKO (the mascara was trying to roll away in the picture, in case you're wondering)

Even though there were quite a few nice shops in Malaga, I wasn kind of disappointed when I had a look at them.. I feel like I always see other bloggers, etc, wearing gorgeous things that I want too, but when I go to shops (or even check online), I can never seem to find anything.. Never the less, I'm really happy with what I bought. The strappy flats are just so damn cute - with pants and bare legs! The earrings were a spontaneous buy, I think I'm going to stock up on cool earrings.. And the mascara and concealer were so cheap (and needed, especially the mascara), that I just couldn't resist them. I had already heard about that brand, and when I saw the mascara for 3,90€ and the concealer for 5,90€, I just had to take them with me!


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

 when we arrived in Malaga around 12PM, the weather was absolutely beautiful and so was the view we had after climbing up a hill for what seemed like forever

 the clouds look like they're painted!

 we had the typical tapas for lunch, yum!

Even though I did have a stroll through shops like Pull and Bear, H&M, Bershka, etc, I only came back with a few small things. I'll take pictures of them tomorrow and hopefully I'll find some other things to buy, I really feel like freshening up my wardrobe! I'm especially drooling over fake leather skirts at the moment.. oh, and black and white striped pants.. (okay this is pretty obvious because those two pieces are on my polyvore mix from yesterday, but stilllll)

I'm hoping that the weather will be as good tomorrow as it was today for a couple of hours (only, unfortunately..), so that I can spend a couple of hours by the pool, tanning.