Monday, 25 February 2013

I am honestly a real TV show freak. I watch new episodes almost every day, I even prefer them to movies! Here are some of the ones I'm currently watching:

I don't think I need to explain why I like (ehh love) Pretty Little Liars so much, I'm pretty sure that everyone who's seen a couple of episodes knows why. It's the TV show I'm almost the most excited about when a new episode is airing! And, if you're wondering, Spencer is my all time favourite!

Don't ask me why, but I'm a big sucker for any TV shows that involve surgeries, etc. I love how Megan Hunt kicks ass and it actually really wants me to have her job, even though I'd probably faint when seeing my first dead person, haha!

Modern Family is the TV show I watched with my boyfriend while I was in Estonia with him, we easily watched an entire season withing a couple of days. When I watch this, it's to relax and laugh a little. Unfortunately, the episodes are only about 20 minutes long :(

Grey's Anatomy is yet another TV show with surgeries and so on and even though I only started watching it from the middle of season 6 or so, I really really love it but I'm pretty sure that the current season will be the last one..

I decided to only pick 4 TV shows to show with GIFs and pictures, since the post would otherwise would've become huge. Other TV shows I'm watching at the moment or did watch are: Skins, Rookie Blue, The Lying Game, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, Friends, Carrie Diaries, Desperate Housewives, A Gifted Man, Private Practice, Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie, Bunheads, ..... as you can see, I might actually wacth too many TV shows, haha! Do you watch any of these? :)


  1. i watch pretty much all of them but pretty little liars is definitely my fave! xx

  2. I also LOVE PLL <3 it's so addicting.
    Spencer is also my favourite.
    btw what do you think about the ,,new" Spencer? (I like her) ;)

    I used to watch The Lying Game, but stopped in the end of season 1? So has it becomed more interesting?

    I can advise you to watch Homeland and Sherlock. I don't know if these are your type of shows, but they are mindblowing!

  3. I watch Pretty Little Lias, New Girl, Carrie Diaries and also Grimm, Once Upon a Time, The walking Dead and Paradise!

    I used to watch GG, 2 Broke Girls, Friends <3, Skins and never heard about the rest \o/

    I'll check them =)


  4. The medical and pathology based shows are good, but I prefer a sexy vampire series any day. 'True Blood' has to be the BEST R x

  5. i watch/ed gossip girl an skins too:) don't you like the more funny tv shows like the big bang theory or how i met your mother?

  6. I love TV, it's definitely better than movies. PLL is pretty much the best thing about my life (I'm SO obsessed), and I am so upset Gossip Girl is over because it's probably in second place! I have just started watching The Carrie Diaries and Girls, and I love old episodes of The OC, The Hills and The City too. I'll definitely be checking out the shows from here that I haven't watched though.



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