Thursday, 28 February 2013

I didn't take any pictures lately, but I absolutely hate posts without even one single picture, so this will have to do.
I got my report today and I'm generally satisfied, I had one or two nice surprises, now I only need to keep that up/improve it if possible until July, so I can finally finish off school and be proud of myself! I've got around 9-10 weeks of school left, which is somehow really damn scary, but I'm at the same time more than happy to finally be able to leave school and Luxembourg. I'm soon going to apply to Universities in Paris (I already applied to some in Scotland a couple of months ago) and I've got to say that I'm kind of stuck. I simpy can't make up my mind whether I'd rather go to Paris or Scotland. On one hand, I absolutely adore the UK and their way of living, but on the other hand, I've been dreaming about studying in Paris since I was 8. (I'm not even joking)
On another subject - outfit posts! The weather was and still partly is disgustingly cold, I'm so damn tired of winter, but luckily, it's supposed to get warmer and SUNNIER the next few days!! I borrowed my camera remote to a friend today, so I don't know if I'll get any good shots taken tomorrow, but I can always try.. Also, I really need to buy new clothes! Luckily, I have lots of pants that I can roll up soon, Vans and Converse to wear, oh and ballet flats... I can't wait!
That was a lot of text, I hope you're all holding up and I'll talk to you tomorrow xo


  1. Compromise: if you've applied to Edinburgh and get in, you've got the option of doing a year abroad as an Erasmus, depending on what course you're doing. So you might end up doing both! It's what I'm planning on doing as I love Paris, but definitely want to go to Scotland as my main uni :)

  2. I think Nats idea is brilliant and that you should try to do both. If not then I think that Paris would be more memorable, although Scotland would also offer some benefits. Keep us/me posted! R x


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