Sunday, 3 February 2013

As I already mentioned in the last post, I'll be going to Berlin with my class very soon. Even though I've been to a handful of capitals already, the only places I went to in Germany are Trier, Heidelberg and Cologne, so I'm damn excited to finally go to Berlin for the first time!! I've heard lots of great things from friends, especially those who used to live there. We're leaving with the train at 7AM on Thursday and we'll be back on Monday, in the evening. So far, I know that we for sure have one free afternoon, but maybe we'll have some more.. I'm definitely going to shop a little and hopefully pass a flea market, even though that's probably not very likely :( I'm taking my camera with me and you will get to see tons of pictures when I'm back!
I don't know if I'll prepare posts for the time I'm there, but I'll try.
I'd ask for secret tips, but since lots of people from my class already went there at least once, I think I'll be fine! I seriously can't wait, I'm grinning as I'm typing this, hehehehhehehe!

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  1. You will have a great time there. This link gives some great tips on what to see:

    R x


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