Wednesday, 13 February 2013

on Friday (morning), we went to the Bundestag, which basically is where all the politicians meet up every week (or less) to discuss and make decisions

Philippa and Caren
Jo, Andreas and Kate
we got those thingies to wear, so that everyone knows that we're visitors, or how I called it Hot Female Assistants

on top of the building, there was a glass dome (if that's what you call it in english?), it looked pretty cool

Sarah and me (ignore my weird face/mouth, I was about to say something haha)
Lena, Laura, Kate, Philippa, Jo and Sarah in front of the Brandenburger Tor

pictures with a random bear :D
 there's always at least one of us three who's eyes are closed on these pictures, haha!
Sarah's lunch
Philippa's lunch
and Kate, Jo & my lunch

Already missing Starbucks :(

(kind of) lost in Berlin...
on Friday afternoon, we went to the Wannsee, to visit the Liebermann Villa. It was absolutely icy but oh so beautiful!

awesome car we saw on our way there

aaand Sarah and I randomly found like 6 of those at the Villa's bathroom, haha!

I just took pictures of the few things I bought in Berlin, I'll make a post with them for tomorrow :)


  1. You and Jo are sooooo pretty<333 R x

  2. You and Jo are sooooo pretty<333 R x


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