Thursday, 21 February 2013

I drank pink champagne and ate rose ice cream on Tuesday night with my boyfriend // my lovely friend Sarah got me this ballon, I walked around school with it the entire day :D // awesome cake at my grandma's place!

So as the title already pretty much reveals it, I turned 18 yesterday! I baked 3 cakes with my boyfriend on Tuesday night and slept over at his place and got to hear the Happy Birthday song at 7 in the morning. During the day itself, I got soo many hugs and smiles and congratulations, it was great! My birthday's been during the carnival holidays for the past couple of years, so it's something very special to me when I can be in school with all my friends on my birthday :) In the evening my parents, brother and me had tasty cake at my grandma's place - I think I had enough cake for a week!
I'm sorry that it got so quiet on here over the last few days, but I was barely at home and if I was, I was busy! I'm gonna end my day with some new episodes (I have like 6 or 7 episodes from different TV shows to watch, haha) of my favourite TV shows and maaaybe actually eat yet some more cake. Hmm. xo


  1. Happy happy birthday Nora, hip hip hooray! Hope you had a great time with your bf ;-) R x

  2. Congratulations! my best wishes to you \o/

    Which tv series do you watch! give us a post about it =)

  3. Alles guddes fir deng 18!(mat versepidung):)


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