Saturday, 12 January 2013

sweater, necklace: h&m, jeggings: dr denim, nailpolish: essie - 'bordeaux'

This isn't exactly an outfit post, but it started snowing (again) last night, so everything's white outside and I couldn't really bother going outside to take pictures..
My week went pretty well, I got my history prebac back where I got a 7.75/10 and wrote my economics test which I think went quite good! On Monday, I have my first 'real' Prebac (meaning it'll be written in the big exam room) which is Philosophy and I'm already tired of Rousseau, Locke and Hobbes, phew. Later on today I'll go to the gym and then spend the evening at my boyfriend's.
Okay, time to hit the books again! xo


  1. Lovely necklace. ❤

  2. Where did you buy your jeans from? (like is there a shop in Luxembourg?)

  3. Mmmmm Nice cleavage ;D


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