Wednesday, 2 January 2013

 best pasta at Vapiano
 .. and her new slippers

 glitter case whoooo!
 Victoria and her Hello Kitty slippers

Victoria's awesome donuts

Last week, Victoria, Kathlyn, Jil and me decided to go to Saarbrücken this holiday and that's exactly what we did today! We spent the morning in Primark, then had lunch at Vapiano, walked around the main shopping street and a mall and ended up sipping tasty Starbucks until we took the bus back home - it was a lovely day!
Since we went to Primark, I did buy quite a few things, which I am definitely going to show you tomorrow, but how? Do you want me to simply take pictures or make a vlog? x


  1. pitures! easier to see it properly

  2. Those slippers are the best! <3
    And gosh, those donuts look super-tasty...

  3. I'm loving your blog!
    I think you should just take pictures of the stuff you've bought, so people can “stare“ at the pictures as long as they want ;)
    What bus do you take to Saarbrücken (from Luxembourg)?

  4. @Anon: thanks a lot! i don't know the bus number, but if you go to gare to buy the tickets, you can simply say "the bus to saarbrücken" :p


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