Thursday, 10 January 2013

 left: made sushi with my boyfriend on NYE, yum! right: snapshot of last Friday's outfit
 left: my brother and me on Christmas Eve right: outfit details
 left: wearing brown lipstick - it's almost the same colour as my hair! right: awesome new joggings and socks from H&M
 left: aaawesome cake book I got for Christmas:D right: I really want to wear this when going out someday
left: my locker looked more like a fridge today, haha.. right: I had a go at my first quiche ever and I haven't tasted it yet but it looks and smells great! It's with tofu, spinach, cheese..

I'm sorry for the absence this week, but I usually only get home when it's already dark and often I'm all messed up, without make up since I usually do some sports after school, so that's a big no no for outfit pictures. I went to buy a remote for my camera yesterday, but turns out the woman sold me one that's not compatible with my camera, pff.. I got my money back but unfortunately will have to order a remote from the internet, which can take a week or more :(
I'll try to take a couple of snapshots of my outfit tomorrow! x

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  1. I hope you will wear it and a short skirt going out :)


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