Tuesday, 15 January 2013


jeggings: dr denim, lace top: primark, white top: new look, fake fur jacket: h&m divided, earring: asos

Eventhough my outfit today wasn't anything special, I felt the urge to take pictures outside in the snow so here you go. And yes, on most of the pictures the camera focused on the background and not me, but that's just what happens when you use the timer. I can't wait for my remote to arrive!
That's pretty much all I wanted to share.. OH, by the way, my laptop is gone for a couple of days since I've been having a few problems with it lately, but I'll hopefully have it back for the weekend. Until then I will have to live with the fact that editing pictures is a pain in the ass (doing it on my dad's laptop) and also the pictures of the following post(s) will most likely not have the exact same size as usually, but oh well, xo

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  1. You look great in black against the contrast of the snow. :) R x


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