Wednesday, 30 January 2013

On Tuesday, I spent the day with my friend Nora catching up, having sushi for lunch and working out and relaxing in the afternoon. Before I met her, I finally took the chance to go to the hairdresser and even though a good 3 cm (or more? I'm really bad at guessing sizes/weighs haha) went off, I know that it was well needed - I haven't been to the hairdresser since June!
Since I was done at the hairdresser much earlier than I expected, I decided to have a stroll through H&M to kill time and ended up - of course - coming home with three new things.
The zebra printed dress isn't something I would usually buy, but since our prebacs are officially over on friday (I had my last exam today, luckily), there's gonna be a big party organised by our BAC committee on Saturday and the theme is (and I really am not happy about it but oh well) "WTF", so you're basically supposed to wear whatever would make people go "what the fuck.." I couldn't find any costumes, especially not for a rather low budget, so I picked up this dress for 10€ only and decided that I'll spice it up with red lipstick and some colourful accessories, not exactly "what the fuck", but oh well!
The bag is something I walked past at least three times that morning and I ended up buying it because it is so wonderfully spaceous and I told myself that I'll be needing a big bag to fit my camera but with a long handle for something very exciting coming up... (more about this another time). Lastly, the fuzzy pink beanie is simply something I couldn't take my eyes off, so I bought that too and it's just soOoOooo soft!
THAT was a lot of text, damn! Anyways, good night, I'll kick myself in the butt tomorrow and get some outfit pictures taken. xo


  1. Love the black and white dress!

  2. Love the beanie and the zebra outfit, they will both really suit you :) R x


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