Thursday, 31 January 2013

blouse: /, jeggings: dr denim, fake fur coat + beanie: h&m divided, boots: asos

I'm not completely happy with the lightning of the pictures, especially because I look like a ghost, but I still like the result! The boots are new, I ordered them from asos a couple of days ago and got them for 44 instead of 70€, gotta love sales! Also, what do you think about the place I took pictures at? It's in my garden and I really like it, since it doesn't distract you from the subject (haha I sound so egoistic), but is still not too plain or boring.


  1. Great fetish boots and the teddy bear coat is awesome for the cold weather! R x

  2. I love your boots, they're so groovy. And that wall is so perfect for outfit shots, I wish I had somewhere similar.


  3. Deng schung gefaallen mer hehe (hun dei selwescht) se sinn sou bequem an passen bei alles:) waerts se vill profiteieren :D

  4. Love this look! I am totally obsessed with black/white simple colours with pops of bright. That pink beanie - GAH. Seriously need that in my life! You look so good, as per. Thankyou so much for the comment on my blog darl. Have a lovely weekend :D xxxxxx


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