Thursday, 31 January 2013

blouse: /, jeggings: dr denim, fake fur coat + beanie: h&m divided, boots: asos

I'm not completely happy with the lightning of the pictures, especially because I look like a ghost, but I still like the result! The boots are new, I ordered them from asos a couple of days ago and got them for 44 instead of 70€, gotta love sales! Also, what do you think about the place I took pictures at? It's in my garden and I really like it, since it doesn't distract you from the subject (haha I sound so egoistic), but is still not too plain or boring.


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

On Tuesday, I spent the day with my friend Nora catching up, having sushi for lunch and working out and relaxing in the afternoon. Before I met her, I finally took the chance to go to the hairdresser and even though a good 3 cm (or more? I'm really bad at guessing sizes/weighs haha) went off, I know that it was well needed - I haven't been to the hairdresser since June!
Since I was done at the hairdresser much earlier than I expected, I decided to have a stroll through H&M to kill time and ended up - of course - coming home with three new things.
The zebra printed dress isn't something I would usually buy, but since our prebacs are officially over on friday (I had my last exam today, luckily), there's gonna be a big party organised by our BAC committee on Saturday and the theme is (and I really am not happy about it but oh well) "WTF", so you're basically supposed to wear whatever would make people go "what the fuck.." I couldn't find any costumes, especially not for a rather low budget, so I picked up this dress for 10€ only and decided that I'll spice it up with red lipstick and some colourful accessories, not exactly "what the fuck", but oh well!
The bag is something I walked past at least three times that morning and I ended up buying it because it is so wonderfully spaceous and I told myself that I'll be needing a big bag to fit my camera but with a long handle for something very exciting coming up... (more about this another time). Lastly, the fuzzy pink beanie is simply something I couldn't take my eyes off, so I bought that too and it's just soOoOooo soft!
THAT was a lot of text, damn! Anyways, good night, I'll kick myself in the butt tomorrow and get some outfit pictures taken. xo


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Not too long ago, I got contacted via mail if I'd be interested in making a post about the Fresh Faces Benelux modelling contest that'll take place rather soon, and since the idea immediately caught my interest, I agreed to write about it on here!

To take part at the contest, you have to live - as the name already tells - in either Luxembourg, Belgium or the Netherlands. Are you a new or professional model? (boy or girl!) Do you want to give your model career a little push? Then this is your chance!

World famous models such as Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum or Gisele Bundchen started their model career through modelling contests and so can you!
If you apply now, you have the chance to be one of the finalists who'll be able to go to Amsterdam on the 3rd of March.

The finalists will experience a day packed with model training, such as posing, expressions, workouts, personal advice and so much more! Additionally, you'll get to do test shootings and participate in workshops and recieve your own personal advice.
At the end of the day, all the finalists will be judged by experts from the Fourteen Models agents on your models look, professional attitude, catwalk ability and potential, and if you convince them, you can become the Fresh Face Benelux! (There will be two winners - one girl and one boy)

The winner(s) will recieve: the title Fresh Faces for Benelux, a modelling contract with Fourteen Models Management and have the chance to travel to either London, Milan or Paris with the scout of Fourteen Models to go see their top partners and start making contacts in order to build up your modelling career.
On top of that, there'll be an interview about you on the modelmanagement.com blog, you get a full year of free model coaching and personal training and a photoshoot worth up to 500€, including print and a portfolio map!

Does this sound like something you could see yourself taking part at? Do you want to give it a try and become one of the two Fresh Faces of Benelux? Then don't hesitate and apply now, just click here!

You can find additional information on: modelmanagement.com or blog.modelmanagement.com

Good luck to all the candidates!

Fed up with the fantasies

Monday, 28 January 2013

blouse: h&m, jeggings: dr denim, jacket: mango, boots: h&m divided, watch: fleamarket, bracelet: asos

Ignore the dull face expressions, I still don't know how to pose in front of the camera while taking pictures of myself.. any tips? haha


Sunday, 27 January 2013


Since I have so much free time on my hands at the moment, I decided to give it a shot and made a cheese cake! It's my very first time that I baked one and it turned out great! It's super refreshing due to a lot of lemon juice and I'm definitely going to make one again :D
I'm currently killing time with watching way too many episodes of Friends and eating too much chocolate and trying to get some exercise inside of my little room. I really want to take more pictures outside for as long as the snow is still there, but I feel like I literally have nothing to wear! Urghhh


Friday, 25 January 2013

sweater: topshop, jeggings: dr denim, boots: faith, necklace: sheinside, belt: second hand

I'm officially done with 5 out of my 6 exams and even though math went rather disastrously (I blame my stupid teacher though, I worked but butt off last weekend), I have 5 days off which I'll spend sleeping, relaxing and hopefully to (finally!) to go the hairdresser. I started my day by sleeping in, having a huge breakfeast/brunch while watching Grey's Anatomy and now I'm soon off to catch my bus to go work out a bit, before spending some time with my boyfriend and then going to the theatre with my class.
Oh and yes, I finally took pictures with my remote outside! And let me tell you, it's awfully icy outside.. brrr
Have a nice friday! xo


Sunday, 20 January 2013

coffee and chocolate were what kept me going today..

 I rediscovered my love for these babies and I think I'll just rebel against the minus degrees and snow tomorrow and wear them to my german exam, they're so damn comfortable..

Spent my Sunday going mad over maths (I swear to god I'd kill my maths teacher if it were legal) and I've decided that I deserve a break consisting of tumbrl-ing and blogging. I already wish you all a nice week while I'll be dying a slow and painful death during the next four days (7TH YEAR IS SHIT) xo


Saturday, 19 January 2013

I recently saw two different posts on two different blogs about the blogger's "fashion icon" (or just who's really known for their style). One was about Alexa Chung, the other one about Chloë Sevigny, and even though I do like both their styles (I have a slight preference for Alexa though), I thought I might also make a post about who's style I like the most, simply to change from the usual outfit posts, etc.
I sure am a big fan of women who can put together great outfits and making it look like it is the easiest thing in the world and I absolutely love a bit of edgyness here and there, but lately, I found myself loving more classy styles with a small twist. That's why I chose Olivia Palermo.
With her 28 years, she wears everything from gorgeous dresses to skinny jeans and trainers, exactly what I love about her style. But even if she swaps her stilettos with trainers, she manages to still look classy, she's never over the edge. Another thing I really like about her are the accessories she uses. Watches in every colour, from slim and golden to bright red, big sunglasses or necklaces, she always finds the perfect additions to go with her outfits. And my I just add that she is insanely gorgeous?
What do you think about her style? Do you have a favourite "fashion icon"?


Friday, 18 January 2013

I decided to spare you a post filled with shamelessly many pictures of myself (I easily took about 30 pictures in no more than 30 seconds) and simply put my excitement out there, I can't wait to take tons of pictures! My next mission is to find the perfect white wall in my house. That's all, I'm going to blisfully drink my cup of tea now and watch Grey's Anatomy before a weekend packed with studying maths begins tomorrow. xo


Tuesday, 15 January 2013


jeggings: dr denim, lace top: primark, white top: new look, fake fur jacket: h&m divided, earring: asos

Eventhough my outfit today wasn't anything special, I felt the urge to take pictures outside in the snow so here you go. And yes, on most of the pictures the camera focused on the background and not me, but that's just what happens when you use the timer. I can't wait for my remote to arrive!
That's pretty much all I wanted to share.. OH, by the way, my laptop is gone for a couple of days since I've been having a few problems with it lately, but I'll hopefully have it back for the weekend. Until then I will have to live with the fact that editing pictures is a pain in the ass (doing it on my dad's laptop) and also the pictures of the following post(s) will most likely not have the exact same size as usually, but oh well, xo


Sunday, 13 January 2013

I recently discovered The Paper Kites and these two songs are just way too beautiful for me not to share them with you.
On another note, happy 1 year anniversary to me and my boyfriend and I gave in and ordered the camera remote from the internet, one that will actually work - it should arrive within the next few days.


Saturday, 12 January 2013

sweater, necklace: h&m, jeggings: dr denim, nailpolish: essie - 'bordeaux'

This isn't exactly an outfit post, but it started snowing (again) last night, so everything's white outside and I couldn't really bother going outside to take pictures..
My week went pretty well, I got my history prebac back where I got a 7.75/10 and wrote my economics test which I think went quite good! On Monday, I have my first 'real' Prebac (meaning it'll be written in the big exam room) which is Philosophy and I'm already tired of Rousseau, Locke and Hobbes, phew. Later on today I'll go to the gym and then spend the evening at my boyfriend's.
Okay, time to hit the books again! xo


Thursday, 10 January 2013

 left: made sushi with my boyfriend on NYE, yum! right: snapshot of last Friday's outfit
 left: my brother and me on Christmas Eve right: outfit details
 left: wearing brown lipstick - it's almost the same colour as my hair! right: awesome new joggings and socks from H&M
 left: aaawesome cake book I got for Christmas:D right: I really want to wear this when going out someday
left: my locker looked more like a fridge today, haha.. right: I had a go at my first quiche ever and I haven't tasted it yet but it looks and smells great! It's with tofu, spinach, cheese..

I'm sorry for the absence this week, but I usually only get home when it's already dark and often I'm all messed up, without make up since I usually do some sports after school, so that's a big no no for outfit pictures. I went to buy a remote for my camera yesterday, but turns out the woman sold me one that's not compatible with my camera, pff.. I got my money back but unfortunately will have to order a remote from the internet, which can take a week or more :(
I'll try to take a couple of snapshots of my outfit tomorrow! x