White December

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Even though we already had some snow on Monday, it properly hit Luxembourg yesterday morning, we had some kind of snow storm going on! These pictures are from yesterday, but it still looks almost the same today and it's supposed to keep on snowing tomorrow and Monday.

My saturday was/is pretty boring - only spent it studying maths and some biology, eating and driving and now I'll soon go back to maths again.. Tomorrow will look the same, so I don't know if I have anything to update about tomorrow!
I did go to see Skyfall yesterday evening (finally!) and I wasn't disappointed :) I'm not the biggest 007 fan, but I do like to watch them every now and then. Also, a package arrived, with a part of my christmas presents inside, but I still have to wait two weeks until I can open my presents.. oh well, I'll better focus on school until then.
Have a nice saturday and sooowwy for the boring update xo

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